Simpl's Vision | How it all began

Simpl's Vision | How it all began

My name is Asal and i am one of the co founders of SIMPL candle. We started the small business as a way to spend time doing something fun in our days, and to earn a bit of money out of it. After a costly start, we opened our shop and had an amazing start with our first supporters. As full time students with jobs working 20-30 hours a week, it was hard to put our sole effort and time on SIMPL, especially with lockdowns ending, stores opening and getting busier and having to work more. After realizing that, we started to plan more and manage our time, and after much struggles, we have finally reached a point where managing time and dividing our efforts and attention to everything in life has become slightly easier and more of a routine. The most important thing for small business owners who have other jobs to do during the day, is to manage your time and start a routine which suits your daily lives the best. 

SIMPL is a minimal, vibrant brand which specializes in making soy wax candles and much more. The focus started with candles for every mood, and with time and progress, we grew our brand into something bigger and better. We are constantly working and learning more to bring a better experience for our community.

We are thankful that you are here and a part of our journey. We are excited for this new chapter and route of our lives and cant wait to grow and learn with you through this beautiful colorful road!

All the love


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